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And the winning superhero is…

Congratulations to The Flash for saving the world—he couldn’t have done it without so many musicians playing along to help him! Thanks to all who participated, and stay tuned for more challenges!

If you missed the contest, you can still relive Saturday morning cartoons and adventure-filled movies by playing the DC superhero music in the linked images below. Help your favorite hero save the world one song at a time with music available for brass, woodwinds, mallet percussion, and string instruments.

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Relive the Adventure and Suspense of Your Favorite Superhero Movies and Shows!

Whether you’ve spent time watching superhero cartoons or watching the current DC blockbuster movies, most people have a favorite superhero. Select your favorite hero below and play the music!

MakeMusic Cloud - How to Create Video Assignments with Black Adam image for Superhero music contest

Engagement tips

Assign the music to your students and designate it as a video assignment by clicking on the “allow video recording” toggle. Students can dress up as their favorite character! Here are other suggestions for using this superhero music contest with your ensemble:

  • Have the students vote for their favorite hero during rehearsal.
  • Use the music as sight-reading exercises in class.
  • Assign the music as an Ungraded assigment, skipping the rubric page and assigning it quickly.

Supplemental heroics

Your students can now supplement Book 1 for both Sound Innovations for Concert Band and Sound Innovations for String Orchestra, exercises with accompaniments from their favorite DC superhero movies and TV shows including: Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Black Adam, and more. Make Book 1 exercises more exciting as your students can alternate between practicing with the original accompaniments and exciting movie soundtracks.

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DC Superhero music contest: Sound Innovations Extras for Concert Band
Superhero music contest: Play Black Adam music and more for the classroom

DC in the classroom

Choose from a huge catalog of ensemble arrangements for concert band, string orchestra, and voice specifically designed to engage and add adventure for developing musicians!

  • Engaging practice tools provide immediate feedback on students’ individual performances through an assessment of note pitch, rhythm, and duration.
  • Students can play along with accompaniments to learn their part in context. The built-in metronome, tuner, looping tools, and fingerings are all available to aid student progress.
  • MakeMusic Cloud’s powerful Analytics and Gradebook allow you to track their practice.

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