With an international reputation as one of the most popular brass ensembles today, Canadian Brass has truly earned the distinction of “the world’s most famous brass group. Education plays a key role for them and each member is uniquely attuned to training the next generation of players. In conjunction with the Hal Leonard Corporation, they have made available their extensive library of brass music for performers of all levels.

Now musicians can learn the unique arrangements of Canadian Brass while using SmartMusic’s practice tools—playing along with the professional accompaniment recordings and receiving immediate feedback so they can improve their performance.

The Canadian Brass Flex System

The Canadian Brass’ Chuck Daellenbach (tuba) and Jeff Nelsen (horn) talk about the benefits of performing in chamber groups and how the Canadian Brass Flex System—available in SmartMusic—brings chamber music to more young musicians than ever before.

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The Canadian Brass Flex for Two

The Flex for Two series allows musicians to learn Canadian Brass’ repertoire while using SmartMusic’s assessment so they can improve their playing while performing either Part A or Part B accompanied by one of the Canadian Brass players. The Flex For Two duet series can be played by virtually any combination of instruments.

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The Largest Interactive & Digital Music Library

With a SmartMusic subscription, you’ll gain access to much of the Canadian Brass repertoire, including flexible duets and quintets.