Within MakeMusic Cloud, communities of musicians use Classroom solutions to teach, learn, practice, and enjoy music in an insightful way.

Engaging practice tools

The Practice tool provides immediate feedback on students’ individual performances through an assessment of note pitch, rhythm, and duration.

Students can play along with accompaniments to learn their part in context. The built-in metronome, tuner, looping tools, and fingerings are all available to aid student progress.

Performers can learn their parts correctly at home, allowing educators to concentrate on musical elements in the classroom.

Reliable teaching tools

All teaching and learning tools are easily accessible within Classroom to bolster the relationship between teachers and performers.


Access student recordings, assignments, performance scores, practice analytics, and provide feedback. The color-coded Gradebook allows you to quickly assess student performance and edit assignments in a matter of seconds.

Instantly export grades as CSV or Excel files to send to parents or to upload into your district’s official gradebook.

Rubrics can be customized with criteria that cater to your curriculum, and assignments can be collected into units and assigned to multiple classes.

Practice analytics

Let your performers take practice into their own hands by tracking their performance time with Practice analytics.

Educators can look at practice analytics for classes and for specific students. Gain further insight by exploring which titles were opened, how often they were opened, and whether it was assigned or something the student explored on their own.

Additional features


MakeMusic Cloud works on the devices your students use today—computers, laptops, Chromebooks, and iPads.

Accounts can be quickly accessed using Single Sign-On through the most popular Learning Management Systems.

Usability and security

On-screen colors can be adjusted to ensure that people who see colors differently have equal access to assessment.

MakeMusic Cloud is fully FERPA, COPPA, and GDPR compliant, so you never have to worry about the safety of student data.

Start making music today

With Classroom, users get access to MakeMusic Cloud’s full suite of solutions including
Compose, Sight Reading Studio, and the music catalog with their Teacher subscription.

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