Rhythm & Meter with Chris Bernotas

Guided Listening: Pony Express

This piece has a slight “off-beat” gallop for the horseback ride and a lyrical section that is reminiscent of looking out over the vast spaciousness of the plains . . . and then we are back on the mission to deliver the mail and on to a most enjoyable finish!

Guided Listening: Ablaze

This fierce concert piece takes the orchestra on an exciting musical journey. With strong rhythm and melodic themes, each section has the opportunity to perform important lines. Students will be challenged to perform with various emotional styles, including both intense and legato melodies.

Guided Listening: Festival Fanfare and March

From the brilliant opening fanfare to the noble march, this piece sounds more like an adventure movie score than an easy-level band piece. It’s a spirited work for introducing students to 6/8 meter.

Assignment: Compose YOURSELF!

Using your instrument, a piano, or the Compose App in MakeMusic Cloud (SmartMusic), create your own piece!

To get the most out of the assignments above, you will need access to the MakeMusic Cloud (SmartMusic) catalog and the Compose tool in MakeMusic Cloud. Sign-up for free today!