Phrasing and Balance with Mike Kamuf

Guided Listening: Chasing Shadows

This piece features soaring melodies, driving rhythms, and bold harmonies which work together to create cinematic overtones. The use of syncopated rhythms throughout will help reinforce your orchestra’s understanding of subdivision.

Guided Listening: Backlash

A superb jazz-rock chart! At around 144 BPM, this well-written chart features superb ensemble sections, a hip interlude that builds into a big shout chorus, written-out solos for trumpet and alto, lead trumpet range is to written G, and an optional vibraphone part.

Assignment: Phrasing & Balance Compose YOURSELF!

Using your instrument, a piano, or the Compose App in MakeMusic Cloud (SmartMusic), create your own piece! Log-in here to use the Compose tool.

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