Scales & Modes with Dr. Scott Watson

Guided Listening: Terracotta Warriors

This original work was inspired by the “spirit army” of 6,000 clay statues created in the third century B.C. for the tomb of the first emperor of China. A brief, plaintive folk chant summons the army from their centuries-old sleep. The warriors respond, with musical representations of uniform marching and weapons display.

Guided Listening: Night Journey

The vivid imagery and evocative scenery created by this work are remarkable! This programmatic piece describes a nocturnal train ride and the views and impressions of a stark and darkened landscape. The colorful and creative sounds allude to the power and movement of the machinery as it builds up energy before being hurled relentlessly through the dark and expansive countryside.

Assignment: Scales & Modes Compose YOURSELF!

Using your instrument, a piano, or the Compose tool in MakeMusic Cloud (SmartMusic), create your own piece! Log-in here to use the Compose tool.

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