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Power your practice experience with MakeMusic Cloud’s interactive sheet music! Simply play along with our professional accompaniment tracks and receive real-time assessment as each note on screen changes color based on accurate pitches, rhythms, and note durations.

Get as many green notes as you can!

Select a piece to play for free, then choose your instrument:





How it works:

From your tablet, laptop, or computer*, select a free title above and your instrument.
Click “open piece” to view the piece in MakeMusic Cloud’s Practice tool.
Click the record button and follow the prompts to test your device microphone.
After the count off, play the music on your instrument aimed at your device microphone, reading the sheet music and following the cursor on screen.
Observe the real-time assessment on each note:
Green = the correct pitch was played at the correct time.
Red = incorrect pitch.
Yellow = the correct pitch was played at the incorrect time.

Continue practicing to improve your score!
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*Note: If you’re viewing this page on a smartphone, switch to a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer for the optimal Practice tool experience.

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