This PDF has all the tools and evidence you need to convince your administrator that MakeMusic Cloud is the perfect tool for your classroom and students. It includes research, pricing information, and more to help you make your case.

Teaching with MakeMusic Cloud

Whether you’re brand new or an experienced user, make the most of your MakeMusic Cloud experience.

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Repertoire Resources

Stay up-to-date with the latest additions to the largest library of interactive and digital sheet music titles .

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DE&I in the Classroom

Make your classroom a safe, inclusive space for all students and increase diversity in the classroom and on stage.

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Professional Development

View our schedule of events, clinics, and webinars on topics that support your professional development.

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Music Education Advocacy

Get the resources you need to advocate for music education and make a case for using MakeMusic Cloud in your classroom.

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Recruitment & Retention

Learn how to attract new students to your program and reduce turnover with these resources.

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Ideas for Preparing School Budgets for Your Music Department in Today's Climate

Budgeting & Fundraising

Learn how to access the new federal funding for K-12 schools and other funding tips.

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SEL & Self Care

Here are strategies for preventing burnout, checking in with yourself, and staying centered—body, mind, and spirit.

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Stay up to date

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