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Try MakeMusic Cloud Free for 30 days and play hundreds of instrumental, vocal, and piano solos from your favorite pop artists, characters, and adventures. Play hits from Lizzo, Taylor Swift, and The Weeknd to The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Black Adam, The Batman, and many more! Play along to the high-quality accompaniment tracks; slow down or loop difficult sections to work on difficult sections without sacrificing the sound quality.

Attention Teachers: Superheroes in the classroom

Choose from a huge catalog of ensemble arrangements for concert band, orchestra, and choir specifically designed to engage and add adventure for developing musicians!

  • Provide immediate feedback on your students’ practice through an assessment of note pitch, rhythm, and duration.
  • Built-in metronome, tuner, looping tools, fingerings, and awesome accompaniments are all available to aid student progress.
  • Gain insight to how your students practice with Practice Analytics.
  • Track student progress with our integrated Gradebook.
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