Music Educators Summer Academy, MESA, June 17 to August 2, 2024.

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MESA is a professional learning academy for music educators. With courses developed by expert educators, opportunities to network, and the flexibility to complete on your schedule, it is sure to be a summer event to positively influence the music education profession!

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Structured with two types of learning

Self-paced courses

Created by topic experts, these courses are designed for you to complete on your own time, and at your own pace within the summer session. Each of the five (5)
course includes a live discussion session to dig deeper into the course content to discuss best practices, ask questions, and learn from fellow educators.

Early Steps: Introducing Improvisation to Young Musicians
Mike Kamuf
Live Discussion: Wednesday June 26 – 1 PM EST

School Music Program Administration 101 
David Pope, Ph.D.
Live Discussion: Tuesday, July 31 – 2:00PM EST

A Place for Every Child: Comprehensive Recruitment
and Retention

Annamarie Bollino, Ph.D., Angela Ammerman, Ph.D.
Live Discussion: Tuesday, July 10 – 1:00PM EST

Positive Psychology Tools for Music Educators
Peggy Rakas
Live Discussion: Tuesday, July 17 – 1:00PM EST

Show Me The Music; The Art of Expressive Conducting
Chris Cicconi, Ph.D.
Live Discussion: Tuesday, July 24 – 1:00PM EST

Mastermind Sessions

Twelve (12) 1-hour, live, interactive calls centered around a specific topic. Led by a topic expert, each mastermind discussion is an open, engaging, and thought-provoking way to talk about best practices, ask questions, and learn from each other.

Engaging Special Education Students in the 
Music Environment
Anthony Granata | June 20 – 5:00PM EST

Method Book Magic
Ted Scalzo | June 25 – 4:00PM EST

Building a Musical Community
Bob Phillips, Becky Bush, Sarah Lenhart | June 27, 2:00PM EST

Power of Partnership: 
Strengthening Parent-Teacher Communications?
George Andrikokus, Meghan Fulton | July 2- 1:00PM EST

Working with your Admin and Advocating for your Program
Philip Flynn, M.M.Ed. | July 9 – 1:00PM EST

Planning a Successful Field Trip for Your Music Program
David Pope, Ph.D. | July 11 – 2:00PM EST

Deliberate Practice: 
Creating a Community of motivated students
Brian Balmages, Rachel Johnstone | July 16 – 2:00PM EST

Demystifying Social Media
Jennifer Fabianski, Matthew Crisman | July 18, 12:00PM EST

What I Wish I Knew in My First 5 Years
Marianne White, M.M.Ed. | July 23 – 1:00PM EST

Finding the Funds and Resources to Support Your
School’s Music Program

Save the Music Foundation | July 25 – 1:00PM EST

Research & Repertoire: Choosing Music Based
on Your Students

David Pope, Ph.D. | July 30 – 2:00PM EST

Topics include:

Recruitment/Retention • Conducting • Repertoire Selection • Rehearsal Strategies • 
Creating Community • Marketing & Social Media • The Operations of a Classroom
Funding • Travel Planning • and more!

Bonus opportunities

Graduate Credit through Baldwin Wallace University:

Complete 15 contact hours (of your choice) during MESA and you can earn one (1) graduate credit from Baldwin Wallace University, for the low cost of only $195!

MakeMusic Thought Leader Certification:

Complete 15 contact hours (of your choice) during MESA 2024 and earn your MakeMusic Thought Leader Certification. In addition to bragging rights, this certification comes with exclusive benefits like free music from Alfred Music, Ensemble Reviews with MakeMusic and Alfred Composers, invitations to exclusive gatherings and webinars, and more!

Welcome to all of the 2024 MESA instructors!

Angela Ammerman, Ph.D.

Annamarie Bollino, Ph.D.

Anthony Granata

Becky Bush

Bob Phillips

Brian Balmages

Chris Cicconi, Ph.D.

David Pope, Ph.D.

George Andrikokus

Jennifer Fabianski

Marianne White

Meghan Fulton

Peggy Rakas

Phillip Flynn

Rachel Johnstone

Sarah Lenhart

Scott Lang

Ted Scalzo




  • Access to all 5 courses
  • 12 Mastermind discussions
  • Community to engage and learn from

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