Power your practice with MakeMusic Cloud

MakeMusic Cloud’s practice tools that include a metronome, tuner, and the ability to loop sections of music. The Practice tool provides immediate feedback on your practice by recognizing right and wrong notes, rhythms, and durations.

Try It for Free!

Test drive the Practice tool! Click the links below to access free sight-reading exercises, then select your instrument or part from the dropdown menu at the top of the Practice tool menu. You can generate an infinite number of new exercises using the Generate New icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

The Largest Library

With a MakeMusic Cloud subscription, you’ll also have access to a huge library of concert band, orchestra, jazz ensemble, and choral music, as well as the hottest pop hits, movie scores, TV themes, and video game music. Our Interactive sheet music includes professional accompaniment tracks, so you’ll feel like you’re playing with the pros!