Create a Free MakeMusic Cloud (SmartMusic) Account to Share Your Music

You’re just a few steps away from sharing your creations!

By using the web-based technology that powers the MakeMusic Cloud, formerly SmartMusic, suite of tools, Finale now enables you to easily share your notation documents with anybody. Follow the simple steps below to set up and verify your free MakeMusic Cloud account: then you’ll be able to get your music into your performers’ hands without ever leaving Finale.

Create Your Account

For easy access, we recommend using the same email that was used to purchase Finale.

Verify Your Account

To finish signing up, click the link in the account verification email from MakeMusic Cloud.

Login To Your Account

In the Finale application, use your MakeMusic Cloud username and password to log in.

Upload + Share!

You can now share in Finale!

Upon receiving the link to your creation, your recipients will gain access to the comprehensive MakeMusic Cloud (SmartMusic) Practice tool, giving them everything they need to master the music you share with them. Instead of tedious solo practice, your musicians hear the piece come alive with accompaniment, and they also receive immediate feedback on their pitch and rhythmic accuracy.