Sight Reading Made Simple

Developing sight reading skills is key to musical independence, but constantly finding new materials to practice is a challenge.
But not anymore.

Sight Reading Studio makes it easy to generate unlimited music based on a wide variety of parameters. Once the exercises are created, students can practice the generated pieces and receive real-time feedback as they play along.

The best part? Sight Reading Studio is available for as little as $4.99 per year.

Save your teachers’ time

With Sight Reading Studio’s music generation engine, it’s easy to quickly create unlimited sight reading exercises based on a variety of fine-tunable controls. Teachers can create exercises to prepare an upcoming festival or AP exams with ease.

Sight Reading Studio also makes it simple to quickly assign exercises for practice. By integrating with Learning Management Systems like Google Classroom and Canvas, your teachers can keep track of student’s progress with ease.

Practice with the entire class

Bring sight reading exercises to life by practicing with your whole band or orchestra. With Ensemble Mode, once you generate your music, you can display the exercise in full screen so everyone can practice sight reading together.

This is the perfect tool to use as a classroom warm-up, or to prepare for competition season. Warning: regular use of Ensemble Mode in class may cause rapid sight reading skill development.

Spark passion in students

For a developing music student, practicing sight reading is a lot like eating vegetables – an important but sometimes unpleasant experience. But it doesn’t have to be.

Sight Reading Studio makes sight reading practice a fun and interactive experience. Students can open a sight reading exercise in the Practice app where they’ll get instant feedback on the accuracy of their pitch, tempo, and rhythm. They’ll even receive a score based on how well they played – making grading assignments a breeze.

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