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Event 2020 String Orchestra Class C

Number of publications: 20
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Title Interactive Digital Sheet Music Contributors Publisher Launch
Festive March, AInteractivearranger: Law, J. Cameron, arranger: Wilcott, Ron, composer: Handel, George Frideric Grand Mesa Music
Lullaby to the MoonInteractivecomposer: Balmages, Brian FJH Music Company Inc
Echoes of BartokInteractivecomposer: Bartok, Bela, arranger: Cummings, Walter Grand Mesa Music
WiredInteractivecomposer: Bernofsky, Lauren FJH Music Company Inc
Carillon (from L'Arlesienne Suite No. 1)Interactivecomposer: Bizet, Georges, arranger: McCashin, Dr. Robert D. FJH Music Company Inc
Dance ScenarioInteractivecomposer: Del Borgo, Elliot Kendor Music Publishing
Aboriginal RitualsInteractiveDigital Sheet Musiccomposer: Del Borgo, Elliot Alfred Music Publishing
Danny BoyInteractiveDigital Sheet Musiccomposer: Folk Song, arranger: Alshin, Harry Alfred Music Publishing
Postcards from RussiaInteractivecomposer: Gruselle, Carrie Lane FJH Music Company Inc
Las PalmasInteractivecomposer: Lipton, Bob FJH Music Company Inc
Ear-igamiInteractiveDigital Sheet Musiccomposer: Meyer, Richard Alfred Music Publishing
Geometric DancesInteractiveDigital Sheet Musiccomposer: Meyer, Richard Alfred Music Publishing
Pieces of EightInteractiveDigital Sheet Musiccomposer: Meyer, Richard Highland/Etling Publishing
Serenade No. 9 - Posthorn, FinaleInteractivecomposer: Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, arranger: Dackow, Sandra Tempo Press
Symphony No. 29, K. 201 (Movement I)InteractiveDigital Sheet Musiccomposer: Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, arranger: Farrar-Royce, Janet Alfred Publishing Belwin Division
Suite from The Magic FluteInteractivecomposer: Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, arranger: McCashin, Dr. Robert D. FJH Music Company Inc
Ships of IrelandInteractivecomposer: Newbold, Soon Hee FJH Music Company Inc
Ewe, Thina (We Walk His Way)Interactivecomposer: South African Folk Song, arranger: Monday, Deborah Baker Kendor Music Publishing
Yee Haw!Interactivecomposer: Woolstenhulme, Jeremy Neil A. Kjos Music Company
The Bringer of Joy (based on "Jupiter" from The Planets)Digital Sheet Musiccomposer: Holst, Gustav, arranger: Phillippe, Roy Alfred Music Publishing

Interactive = Interactive
Digital Sheet Music = Digital sheet music