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Event 3321 Clarinet Solo Class C

Number of publications: 3
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Title Interactive Digital Sheet Music Contributors Publisher Launch
Belwin Master Solos, Easy, Vol. 1Interactivecomposer: Bohm, Carl, arranger: Nolan, Chris, composer: Traditional, composer: Telemann, Georg Philipp, composer: Handel, George Frideric, arranger: Tyndall, John, composer: Speer, Daniel, composer: Snell, Keith, arranger: Snell, Keith, composer: Tyndall, John, composer: Fischer, J.K.F., arranger: Haydn, Derek, composer: Daquin, Louis-Claude Alfred Music Publishing
Kendor Recital SolosInteractivecomposer: Borodin, Alexander, composer: Burney, Charles, arranger: Niehaus, Lennie, composer: Niehaus, Lennie, composer: Lemoine, Henri, arranger: Brom, Roland, composer: Halferty, Frank J., composer: Conley, Lloyd, arranger: Conley, Lloyd Kendor Music Publishing
Standard of Excellence Festival Solos Book 2 (Bb Clarinet)Interactivecomposer: Marpurg, Friedrich Wilhelm, composer: Mozart, Leopold, composer: Schytte, Ludvig, composer: Schumann, Robert, composer: Anonymous, composer: Grieg, Edvard, composer: Handel, George Frideric, composer: MacDowell, Edward, composer: Bach, Johann Christoph Friedrich, composer: Barrett, John, composer: Susato, Tielman, composer: Couperin, Francois, composer: Bach, Johann Sebastian, composer: Gluck, C.W. von, composer: Beethoven, Ludwig van, composer: Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Neil A. Kjos Music Company

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