Announcing Sight Reading Studio

Sight reading is one of the most important skills for any musician to develop, but it can be challenging to find new pieces to play for sight reading practice. That’s why we are excited to announce that the MakeMusic team is working on a brand new web-based application that will help musicians of all skill levels develop their sight reading abilities. 

With Sight Reading Studio, you will be able to quickly craft automatically-generated sight reading exercises based on a wide variety of options and send them to your musicians, empowering their increased musical independence. The musicians will even get assessment feedback on the sight reading performance in real-time as they play.

Sight Reading Studio will be available as part of the MakeMusic Cloud subscription, as well as a standalone subscription launching on September 6th. Subscriptions to Sight Reading Studio will be available for as little as $4.99 per year, making it the perfect low-cost, high-value tool for any musician.

Preview this new offering through our free demo:

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The demo will give you an idea of what’s to come with this exciting new application. Generate unlimited sight reading exercises based on a restricted set of options including instrumentation, time signatures, and key signatures. While many features are not available in this demo, you will get a sense of the easy-to-use interface, powerful generation engine, and more that will be included with the full release.

demo image

This demo is just a small portion of what users can look forward to. So what can teachers, students, and individuals expect when our new sight reading tool launches later this year?

For teachers, this new sight reading tool will:

    • Enable the creation of unlimited randomly-generated sight reading exercises to share or assign to students for individual instruction.
    • Display full-score sight reading exercises for their ensembles to practice during rehearsal.
    • Generate sight reading exercises based on multiple fine-tuned variables, or built–in presets designed for players of a specific skill level.

For students and individuals, this tool will:

  • Enable practice of unlimited randomly-generated sight reading exercises shared by a teacher or generated on their own.
  • Provide real-time assessment feedback on their sight reading performance.

Try the demo today! No account creation or sign-up required!

Try the Demo

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