Celebrating International Women’s Day

International Women's Day

For International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating the amazing members of the MakeMusic and Alfred Music teams. Our teams are filled with amazing people who are passionate about supporting teachers and students in their musical journeys. Here are just a few of them, and why they love music, education, and being a part of the Alfred Music and MakeMusic family.

Mallory B. – Product Marketing Manager, Alfred Music

“[Music is] a universal language that allows us to communicate beyond words.”

“I love that moment when you see something click for a student and they start to make the music their own.”

“We get to connect music teachers with tools and resources that can make their lives easier and help them to spread the joy of making music with the next generation of musicians.”

Sonia B. – Vice President of Operations

“I love that there is a song that is just perfect for whatever emotion you are feeling – or want to feel.”

“Music education is about so much more than learning music. It’s about community and inclusivity and the opportunity to be a well rounded individual.”

“Our people, no contest. The Music Brands team includes THE most passionate, talented and caring humans I’ve every worked with and I’m so lucky to be part of the magic we are creating together!”

Giovanna C. – Director of Customer Services

“One of the things I love about music is the fact that it can set or alter my mood. Another is that music has beauty in itself.”

Music education is what gives children (and any other person who experiences it) the opportunity to experience beauty, build connections and relationships, experience different cultures, and see the world through travel experiences. As my school’s motto would state ‘No hay cultura sin cultura musical.'”

“I get to stay connected to music and music education and can impact the lives of many teachers and students through our products and services. Also, I really enjoy working with the people that work here.”

Felicia E. – Marketing Specialist, Events

“I love that music is something anyone can participate in for their entire lifetime. You don’t need to be a student or a professional to be a musician.”

“I love the connections that music education brings to students. Being part of an ensemble is a unique opportunity, because those students will be performing together for an entire year, and often for several years. That just doesn’t happen in most classes, and it helps students to forge really strong friendships when those friendships are most important.”

“Everyone on our team comes from a diverse music background: teachers, performers, hobbyists, consumers. We are all completely invested in our products and the musicians who use them.”

Erin K. – Product Manager

“The skills you learn as a music student carry over to all areas of life. Patience, hard work, collaboration, and working toward a common goal are all much bigger than just music class. But playing an instrument is a fun way to get there!”

“Playing violin and trumpet was my favorite part of school, and as a former band director, I love that here I get to innovate and support music teachers to continue inspiring more students with a love for music.”

Jennifer L. – Sales Manager, Fons

“Music has the power to bring people together, evoke strong emotions, and take you back to a place in time.”

“Music education not only teaches students how to create something beautiful but is also proven to strengthen other intellectual abilities. It can help students explore their own inner calling to create and helps them to appreciate the art of music more fully. ”

“My team is a family of rock stars. We talk openly and respectfully. We are accountable to and for each other.”

Marianne W. – Product Marketing Manager, MakeMusic Cloud

“I love that music brings together people from every lifestyle, age group, country…everything, all to make something beautiful happen together. ”

“Music education spaces are incredible places for kids to learn that they can do hard things, overcome challenges, and feel proud of their own efforts. Best of all, when they can do it as part of an ensemble, they can work hard, cheer each other on, and be proud together—that’s something special!”

“I love the people I get to work with: different backgrounds, strengths, ideas, and more all coming together for positive collaboration is something to get excited about each morning!”


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