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video assignments

We are excited to share our newest exciting feature update: the ability to capture video in assignments. Keep reading to learn more about how it works! 

Now, when teachers create assignments, they will be able to select if the assignment should be audio only or include student video. Use the new Video option toggle to turn on video for an assignment and then continue through the assignment creation process as normal. Note: this new feature is not available for any sight-reading assignments at this time.

When students open a video assignment, they will be prompted to enable camera access.

allow camera

Students will also need to enable camera permissions on Chrome or Safari to allow access to the camera.

Within a video assignment, students have the autonomy to turn the camera on and off. If a student fails to submit a recording that a teacher is requiring, the assignment can be reassigned.

camera on

video assignment off

Students can also Hide the video during a recording to minimize distractions as desired.

When reviewing a recording, students can slow the tempo down to more clearly hear how they are playing—the video and audio will slow down simultaneously and stay in sync with one another and the music notation! 

Assignment submissions work the same way for students. They can select their best recording and easily submit it to their teacher. When teachers receive a submission, they have access to view the video and can slow the tempo down to better inspect technique while keeping the audio, video, and notation in sync (and with excellent quality!). Teachers can also download student video recordings the same way they can already download audio submissions. Learn more about video download types here

What to do with this new feature 

We are looking forward to exploring all of the creative ways that you use this new feature! To get you started here are a few quick ideas: 

  • Add a rubric item for posture or hand position that can be assessed with a video assignment 
  • Check for appropriate alternate fingering usage 
  • Marching Band: this tool is a great way to individually assess student execution of visuals, horn moves, and choreography 
  • Create a fun assignment with a theme to dress up to – may the best costume win! 

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