Explore Popular Marching and Pep Band Titles with the New Marching Band Category

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We are excited to announce that searching for marching band titles in MakeMusic Cloud just got easier! You can now select Marching Band under Categories in the filters section of the Search app to quickly see all titles that are available for marching bands. With 362 marching band titles and counting, MakeMusic Cloud offers a great selection of options for programming a full marching show or picking engaging and popular tunes for playing in the stands with your pep bands. 

Users with the Print add-on are also able to print out the majority of the marching band titles. With printed titles, students can easily take their music outdoors with them for rehearsals on the field or in the stands without risk to their smart devices.

To learn more about what the Print add-on offers, click here or Get A Quote.

To find the Marching Band category in the Search app:

  1. Expand Categories in the filters section on the left side of the screen
  2. Select Band & Orchestra
  3. Select Marching Band within that category

Highlights from the Marching Band Category

The marching band category features popular tunes in both the interactive and digital formats. Here are some of our top titles.

Prologue/Little Shop of Horrors, Part 1
Available in the Digital Sheet Music Library
From publisher, Alfred Music, this title is designed to be fun and accessible for performers and audience members, while still being rich in musical opportunities. It works well as both the opener to a full marching show, or as a great pep band or stand tune. 

24 K Magic: As Recorded by Bruno Mars
Available in the Digital Sheet Music Library
The title track from the GRAMMY® Award-winning album by Bruno Mars also won a GRAMMY for record of the year in 2018. Reminiscent of the 80s R&B/funk sound, Brian Scott’s hip arrangement is perfect for the stands or drill team performance.

Together As One
Available as a free interactive title
Together As One is a fully arranged, designed, and choreographed marching band performance that is available for free to any school and director exploring field show options through June 2022. MakeMusic Cloud is proud to offer this complete show from Varsity and RWS Music Company as part of our interactive collection. 

For more information about field staging and choreography, visit the Together As One Varsity page.

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