Practicing Music with Sight Reading Studio

Practicing with Sight Reading Studio

Sight reading is a critical skill to musical development, and is truly the key to unlocking your musical independence and potential. But for many musicians, practicing sight reading is like eating your veggies – critically important to development, but not always very enjoyable. Sight Reading Studio changes that. 

Sight Reading Studio makes it incredibly easy to generate unlimited sight reading exercises, but that’s only half of the true impact of this app. Sight Reading Studio is the only sight reading application that can not only generate music, but also assess your performance of the music in real time, empowering you or your students to level up their sight reading game. Start practicing by clicking “Practice Your Template” to open your music in the Practice app:

practice SRS

Red and green notes appear in real time as you play along with your sight reading exercise, giving you instant feedback on what you’re playing well, and what you could improve on. When you complete an exercise, you’ll receive a score based on how well you played, turning your practice sessions into a fun and interactive musical experience.

score with sight reading studio

Here’s how to practice your sight reading materials with Sight Reading Studio:

In the classroom, Sight Reading Studio is a great tool to prepare for an upcoming festival or AP exam. It also contributes to that ever-elusive educator’s goal – active and engaged learning – by generating music for full ensembles and enabling sight reading practice for the entire class. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Practice app separate from Sight Reading Studio?

Yes, the Practice app is an additional application that is included with your Sight Reading Studio subscription. When you begin practicing your sight reading template, you will be directed to the Practice app.

Here, practice is not limited to just sight reading exercises. You can open any music in the Practice app and receive real-time feedback as you play. What’s unique about opening sight reading exercises in the Practice app is that the template is maintained from Sight Reading Studio, allowing you to generate new pieces of music from the same settings.

Why does the music change when I open it in the Practice app?

When creating music for sight reading in Sight Reading Studio, you are typically creating a template. This template serves as an outline on what your exercise will look like when you open it in the Practice app. Once you open a template in the Practice app, you will have an unlimited number of exercises to practice based on your settings. Click “Generate New” to generate new pieces of music based on your template.

new sight reading studio

Can I assign sight reading exercises to my students and receive their scores?

Yes, with a MakeMusic Cloud Teacher subscription, you can assign the templates you create to your students with just a few clicks. Once they complete the assignment, you’ll receive their score.

assign srs

What if I don’t have a Teacher subscription? Can I still share my sight reading templates?

No problem. Rather than using the Assign feature to send your music, everyone has access to the Share feature in Sight Reading Studio. This feature generates a unique URL that will enable anyone to open your sight reading template or exercise in the Practice app, even if they don’t have a MakeMusic Cloud account.

sharing feature srs

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