Product Update: Sticky Settings

sticky settings

You asked, we listened. We have released Sticky Settings thanks to you! We appreciate the valuable feedback our community gives us so we can make the improvements you need in MakeMusic Cloud (SmartMusic). 


What are Sticky Settings?

Sticky Settings allow you to choose your preferred Practice App settings once, and then they are saved. This allows you to load more pieces without having to change the settings again. In fact, multiple users can have their settings retained on the same computer! Here are the included settings:

  • Accompaniment volume
  • My Part volume
  • Metronome volume
  • Subdivisions¬†
  • Tolerance level
  • Color Blind Mode
  • Highlight Measure¬†
  • Beat Cursor
  • Assessment Mode and Device Options

Note: Users will still need to calibrate their microphone when a new page is loaded.

Try out the new Sticky Settings for free in MakeMusic Cloud today! Happy practicing, everyone!

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