Sight Reading Studio Available Now

Sight reading made simple

The day has finally arrived—Sight Reading Studio, the newest application from MakeMusic, is available now

Sight Reading Studio makes it easy to quickly craft automatically-generated sight reading exercises based on a wide variety of options. Musicians can then perform the exercises and receive real-time assessment and feedback as they play.

But creating a sight reading exercise is more than just generating a random collection of notes. What makes Sight Reading Studio truly unique is how tuneful the music is. Whether you’re creating an exercise for a single instrument or an entire ensemble, you can be sure that the music will look and sound great. 

This new app is available as a standalone subscription, and is included with all Teacher, Student, or All Access subscriptions to MakeMusic Cloud (replacing Sight Reading Builder). 

Sight Reading Studio is an affordable tool for individuals and teachers alike. The breakdown of pricing is as follows:

  • Individual Sight Reading Studio Subscription: $19.99 per year.
  • Student Sight Reading Studio Subscription (Fewer than 20 students): $19.99 per year.
  • Student Sight Reading Studio Subscription (20 or more students): $4.99 per year.

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Whether you’re an individual, a music student, or a music teacher, Sight Reading Studio makes sight reading materials easy to create and fun to practice. 

Sight reading for the classroom

For a developing music student, practicing sight reading is a lot like eating vegetables—an important but sometimes unpleasant experience. But it doesn’t have to be.

Sight Reading Studio will spark passion in your students by making practice a fun and interactive experience. Have your students open a sight reading exercise in the Practice app and they’ll get instant feedback on the accuracy of their pitch, tempo, and rhythm. They’ll even receive a score based on how well they played – making grading assignments a breeze.

sight reading student

Sight Reading Studio is also a fantastic tool to use to prep for an upcoming festival, or for the AP exams. The best part? Sight Reading Studio is available for as little as $4.99 when purchased in bulk (20 or more students).

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Sight reading for the individual

Sight reading is a critical skill for musical independence, but as an individual performer, sight reading can be particularly challenging to practice. Constantly finding new materials takes time (and often money), and when you do find exercises, you may not have anyone to tell you if you’re playing correctly.

That’s where Sight Reading Studio comes in. With Sight Reading Studio, you can tailor the music to your needs. You can customize each exercise to be specific for your instrument, and to use particular key and time signatures, rhythmic patterns, and more.

sight reading individual

With the built-in practice feature, you can generate an exercise, connect a microphone, and receive real-time feedback on your performance as you play along. You’ll even be able to see which notes you hit perfectly in pitch and rhythm, and which ones you can improve on. 

And at just $19.99 for an entire year, Sight Reading Studio is a budget-friendly option to improve your sight reading skills and overall musicianship.

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