Sight Reading Builder

Students need an endless supply of fresh sight-reading examples to improve their reading skills. Sight Reading Builder empowers teachers to generate an infinite number of sight-reading exercises, customized for their students’ specific needs. A Teacher subscription includes Sight Reading Builder.

Infinite exercises

Quickly create content for individual students, common ensembles, or create custom ensembles. Learn how to customize Sight Reading Builder best for your students here.

Select from ten predefined difficulty levels, or individually specify key signatures, time signatures, articulations, rhythmic patterns, ranges, and more.

Assign Sight Reading Builder content in Classroom and it will generate a new exercise each time a student loads that assignment.

Students can start an assignment as many times as they wish before submitting it, and they will always read a brand-new exercise.

Don’t take our word for it

By providing an endless supply of fresh and relevant music to read, Sight Reading Builder can help your students develop sight-reading proficiency more quickly. But don’t take our word for it.

Hear how band director Katie Browne uses it with her students:

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