5 Conducting Tips for Choir Rehearsals

Choir Rehearsal

Here are five tips to help improve your conducting during choir rehearsals.

1. Know What Sound You Want

I believe it’s important to know the sound that you ultimately want your choir to achieve – and audiate it – before you give them a downbeat.

Build It. Sustain It.

build it sustain it
The Two Rs: Recruitment and Retention

As an elementary school orchestra and general music teacher, I have heard these two words countless times over the last ten years of my teaching career.

Power Up! Smart Solutions for Solo Contest

Smart Solutions for Solo Contest

Alicia DeSoto & Chris Meredith are currently band directors at Lewisville High School in Lewisville ISD, TX. 

We have been using MakeMusic Cloud (formerly SmartMusic) for a number of years now and one of our favorite applications is the impact of providing students with accompaniment tracks for their solos that can be adjusted for the performance speed of each individual performer. 

Practicing with Purpose: Motivating Student Practice

motivating student practice

Teaching students to practice is one of the most important (and overlooked) aspects of music instruction. When students are armed with effective techniques of individual practice, they become more efficient in the practice room and feel a sense of accomplishment that leads to consistent practice habits.