Composer Cues – Umbrella by Andy Beck

Umbrella by Andy Beck

Hear composers describe their creative process, offer teaching suggestions, and provide messages to performers in our Composer Cues series. Use these videos as repertoire inspiration for future programs or assign them to students as a listening assignment.


Words and music by Andy Beck

Andy Beck presents his 2-part choral octavo. Celebrate that essential rainy day accessory with this humorous ode to the umbrella! You might want to take cover from the steady downpour of clever rhymes designed to tickle the funny bone of performers and listeners alike. Working with younger singers? We’ve got you covered with plenty of unison, echo, contrary motion, and counterline phrases to ensure success. Plus, we’ve just got to mention the hummed “umm’s” that increase in length as the song unfurls. Fun! Consider a gentle sway with colorful umbrellas in hand to add a visual element to the lilting waltz tempo.

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