SmartMusic July 2022 Repertoire Update

July 2022 Repertoire Update

In the last month, our Repertoire Development team added 51 new Interactive titles to the SmartMusic library.

Click here to view all of this month’s new Interactive solos and ensemble pieces as a PDF, or one of the shareable playlists below.

july 2022 repertoire update choir repertoire band repertoire jazz

repertoire orch repertoire solos

New repertoire this month includes:

  • 18 new concert band titles
  • 13 new titles for string orchestra
  • 12 new solo titles
  • 4 new titles for jazz ensemble
  • 3 new choir titles
  • 1 new title for full orchestra

You’ll find music composed or arranged by David Bobrowitz, Mike Kamuf, Victor López, Randall Standridge, Michael Story, Mike Tomaro, and more; and music from Annie, Polar Express, Teen Titans, and Whitesnake.

Too Good to Keep to Yourself—Playlist Sharing!

Playlists in SmartMusic can now be shared! Why would you want to share a playlist? Here are just a few ideas:

  • Share a list of practice material with your students
  • Have students share their favorite pop, movie/TV, or video game titles
  • Send a custom Sight Reading Builder outline
  • Start programming the next concert with your fellow teachers
  • Create a warm-up routine playlist for each ensemble
  • Embed a link in your LMS for easy access
  • Design a listening assignment using SmartMusic content
  • Recommend successful pieces to colleagues

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