Power Your Creativity with SmartMusic

Power Your Creativity

SmartMusic is designed to not only help with music practice, but to enhance your music creation as well. The key to maximizing your creative potential is having a suite of easy-to-use tools at your fingertips. Tools such as Compose, interactive music sharing, and a robust music catalog will help you maximize your output and get into a creative groove.

SmartMusic Compose

SmartMusic’s music notation app, Compose, enables you to create, edit, import, and share custom music notation projects directly in your browser. In addition to creating original notation from scratch, you can also import previously created notation files from MIDI or MusicXML files. Students can use Compose to explore music notation, complete composition assignments, and share their creations in an easy-to-use tool. 

SmartMusic makes it easy to assign compositions to students, which can be opened in the Practice app for assessment with full accompaniment using our Garritan sound library. 

Interactive Music Sharing

Music is better when it’s shared, and SmartMusic makes music sharing a breeze, whether you’re using it in your classroom, or sending the latest chart to your ensemble. With SmartMusic’s Sharing feature, you can send your music privately with individual recipients or publicly with a sharing link. You can even share content to SmartMusic directly from Finale v27. Gone are the days of tedious PDF exports and neverending file versions. With interactive music sharing, you can feel confident that your recipient always has access to the most up-to-date version of your composition.

Extensive Music Catalog

If you’re looking for creative inspiration, look no further than SmartMusic’s expansive music library. With tens of thousands of titles spanning every instrument, ensemble type, skill level, and genre, you’re sure to find a piece that inspires and excites. SmartMusic even offers repertoire in interactive and digital formats, as well as a selection of printable titles, which makes accessing the perfect piece for your needs as easy as a few clicks. Repertoire can be saved into Favorites Lists for easy access, or added to custom Playlists curated for any musical occasion including your custom music notation files.

Check out some the FREE titles available in SmartMusic:

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