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festival music

What an exciting (and busy) time of year! No doubt you are deep into rehearsals for your December performances and then a well-deserved holiday break. Once you step back into the building in January, you will hopefully feel refreshed and ready. Set yourself up for success by choosing your contest and festival literature early and selecting titles that are a part of MakeMusic Cloud’s impressive library. 

The practice tools in MakeMusic Cloud will give your students a competitive edge and put your ensemble in a position to perform at their highest level. Professionally-recorded accompaniments let performers learn their part in context with the rest of the ensemble, and they get real-time feedback on note pitch, rhythm, and duration as they play their part.

We invite you to explore our collection of contest-ready music available in various genres and difficulty levels. Click on the playlist links to find a selection of titles in each category. 

Concert Band


Jazz Ensemble


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