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Thankful For

Family, friends, new experiences, the opportunity to make and share music, there’s so much to be grateful for this year. We asked members of the MakeMusic and Alfred Music teams reflect on what they’re thankful for and want to share some of their answers with you. Happy Thanksgiving!

“I am thankful for the time I’ve allowed myself to discover new genres of music. I have a newfound appreciation for genres and cultures I would’ve never thought I would have. I am also thankful for friends, fam and even the guy down the street who gives me hi-fives every time I see him!” – Ny S, Account Specialist

“Sunny mornings and yellow leaves.” – Felicia E, Marketing Coordinator

“I am thankful to live in beautiful Colorado with my wonderful wife and cats. I am thankful for the ability to pursue my hobbies, the love and friendship of those close to me, and my own health and wellness.” – Ryan L, Data Publishing Specialist

“The wonderful RepDev team I work with.” – Chris R, Music Production Engineer

“God’s blessings in my life!” – Blake A, Royalties Administrator

“Another year with my senior dog, Remy.” – Levi P, Senior Video Editor

“Being able to spend time with family.” – Mallory B, Product Marketing Manager

“My family-first and foremost. Nothing means more. I am also grateful for the opportunity MakeMusic has provided me to continue helping music educators.” – Ted S, Education Specialist

“I am thankful for collaboration! I love working with composers, active teachers, students, musical colleagues, and of course, fellow Alfred Music co-workers. One thing I have learned in my career is that every person brings a unique and important voice to the table. Listening to every student and caring about them as individuals is something the I felt strongly about through my teaching career and has followed me through my work in the music publishing industry. I feel it is important that people know they are valued and that is demonstrated through collaboration. Happy Thanksgiving!” – Chris B, Director of Instrumental School Methods and Repertoire

“Many things, really, but one of the biggest ones is the generosity of a stranger in Germany who selflessly donated her bone marrow for my 6 year-old nephew’s transplant. I’m also thankful that my nuclear family is alive and healthy and we have made it to the other side of the pandemic in good shape.” – Giovanna C, Director, Customer Services

“This year I’m thankful for the holidays with my family. I get to spend time with my partner and our fur babies, and have wonderful meals with both of our parents and siblings. Turkey is my all time favorite holiday treat (besides the desserts)!” – Amanda S, Account Specialist

“Harry Styles. 🙂 And also my 4 year old kiddo always reminding me of what is truly important…snacks!” – Sonia B, VP of Operations

“I am so thankful that my friends and family are healthy and are able to enjoy their lives. I’m grateful to have a wonderful job, and am happy that I moved here to Colorado where we can hike and view wildlife!” – Pam H, Senior Director, Accounts

“The opportunity for more family time!” – Marianne W, Product Marketing Manager

“An opportunity to start a new career here at Peaksware! I was so excited when I discovered the position and am happy that everything worked out!” – Alex M, Alfred Sales – Account Representative

“I am thankful for the power of music to be an emotional outlet, a safe harbor, a place to be ourselves, and for every musician who continues to bring beauty into the world – whether the professional musician playing in a packed concert hall, or the first year musician performing in a packed cafeteria.” – Brian B, Director of MakeMusic Publications and Digital Education

“My wonderful partner, Brandon, and our sweet cat, Nell!” – Jess Coffey, Account Specialist

“Getting back to mask-free singing with my community choir, and finding a second choir to join!” – Krista H, Manager, Product Marketing

“I’m thankful for a beautiful Colorado fall, time for fun activities every week, great friends and family, and my amazing team at Alfred!” – Malia O, Account Specialist

“I’m thankful that I’m able to regularly record & perform music with people in person.” – Chad M, Manager, Customer Support

“The way my kids make me laugh (and make me crazy), my hard-working husband, and my awesome co-workers.” Vicki M, Product Marketing Manager

“I’m thankful for opportunities to grow as a musician and educator, even if I’m not in the classroom anymore. And the chance to collaborate with amazing teachers to help them spread the joy of music.” – Daniel W, Social Media Manager

“The good health of my family.” – Jodi A, Director, Marketing

“Being a member of the award winning Blues band, Deborah Stafford and the Night Stalkers.” – Doug R, QA Engineer

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