Holiday Cheer from MakeMusic Cloud

holiday cheer

In the midst of holiday performances, celebrations, and general busy schedules, we want to share some holiday cheer with you from our team here at MakeMusic Cloud. We hope that you can use these FREE activities to keep your students engaged as the holiday approaches!

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Holiday What Song Is This? 

Encourage students to audiate, sight-read, or even just use the rhythm to identify each song with this free worksheet that includes songs in Treble, Bass, and Alto Clefs. If students are unfamiliar with a clef, encourage them to figure it out with the rhythm alone or even make a quick cheat-sheet clef drawing on the board to help! 

Hint: If students get stuck and need extra clues, prompt them to match the melodies to titles found in Classic Holiday Solos or Easy Christmas Instrumental Solos in the MakeMusic Cloud library!

Student Version Answer Key

Holiday Practice Bingo!

Inspire students to practice over the holiday break with this fun, free, Practice Bingo Card.  

Make sure to give students instructions on how to fill in the “Teacher’s Choice” blank boxes (or fill them in yourself on an original before you make copies!). 

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Student Gratitude Letter Activity 

Use this free Student Gratitude Letter Activity aloud during class time or send home a paper copy with students to complete on their own—the choice is yours. This activity will encourage students to spend a few moments focusing on what they are grateful for during this busy time of year. 

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MakeMusic Cloud Holiday Music Catalog Scavenger Hunt 

This fun and free Holiday Music Catalog Scavenger Hunt will help your students learn to navigate through the MakeMusic Cloud Music Catalog (and maybe discover their next favorite thing to play or sing!). When they match up the indicated letters in each answer, they’ll discover the punch line to a festive holiday joke. 

Student Version Answer Key

A Holiday Message from our President


Wishing you a very happy holiday season!

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