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power your teaching

At SmartMusic we understand the amount of time and care you devote to each rehearsal, lesson, and performance. SmartMusic can help you to focus on your students by putting a wealth of tools at your fingertips that improve the operational aspects of the classroom. Here are just a few of the ways that SmartMusic can power your teaching:

Learning Management System Integration

This back-to-school, we’ll offer a new way for teachers and students to connect with SmartMusic. Expanding on our implementation of Single Sign-On, teachers and students will have a direct, simplified way to create and access SmartMusic accounts through Learning Management Systems like Google Classroom, Schoology, and Canvas. This will start with Single Sign-on services and soon after expanded to rostering. SmartMusic is fully FERPA, COPPA, and GDPR compliant, so you and your school never have to worry that student data is unprotected.


Track student progress with the Gradebook where you can access student recordings, assignments, performance scores, practice analytics, and provide students feedback. From the Gradebook, you can evaluate each student’s submitted recording along with SmartMusic’s Assessment feedback given to the student. You can also download recordings, change grades, and reassign. Also, we recently developed a feature for platform administrators that removes students’ identifiable information (names) from class Gradebooks, making the grading and growth tracking process completely blind. 


SmartMusic’s Practice App facilitates immediate feedback on students’ individual performances through an algorithmic assessment of note pitch, rhythm, and duration.

With SmartMusic, you can assess not only performance but also the progress of your students. Templates for assignments and rubrics give teachers more time to listen to their students’ best takes and offer personalized feedback. Custom rubrics can also be created with criteria that cater to your curriculum and incorporate state standards. On-screen colors can be adjusted to ensure that people who see colors differently have equal access to assessment. 

And more!

Powerful additions and enhancements coming soon to all SmartMusic accounts include:

  • Enhanced Playback Quality When Adjusting the Tempo
  • Video Recording
  • An In-app Instructional Video Library
  • Thousands of New Educational Titles from Edition Peters and Other Publisher Partners

We’re here to help! Plan ahead for next school year and generate a quote in minutes!

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