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It has certainly been a(n) ______________ [fill in the blank: interesting/trying/exhausting/different/challenging
/enlightening] couple of years. And we at SmartMusic want to thank you for all that you’ve done to keep the love of music going, staying the course, sticking with us as we maneuver through these uncharted waters. You have made a difference. Whether it feels like it or not, you have done it. You have succeeded, you have powered through the toughest times imaginable. You have been an inspiration. Not only to your students and your fellow teachers, but to us as well.

SmartMusic became THE remote instruction tool when it was the only way to teach, but now you’ve been able to experience the powerful pedagogical tool it truly is, for any kind of teaching. 

After you’ve taken your much-deserved time to relax and recharge, and as you begin thinking about the next school year, know that our team is here, and the library of resources to help add power to your music program and reach its full potential is ever-growing. 

SmartMusic is here to help Power Your Teaching with all of the tools and features you know and love, in addition to some features that you’ve been asking for, like:

  • New Single Sign-On and Account Creation Process with Google Classroom, Canvas, and Schoology
  • Enhanced Playback Quality When Adjusting the Tempo
  • Sharing Playlists
  • Sharing Sight Reading Builder Exercises
  • Video Recording
  • Coming Soon! An In-app Instructional Video Library
  • Improved App Navigation
  • Thousands of New Educational Titles from Edition Peters and Other Publisher Partners
  • And so much more!

With the constant addition of pop hits and video game music, as well as the pedagogically sound methods, exercises, and solos available, SmartMusic will help Power Your (Students’) Practice. The professional accompaniment recordings within SmartMusic are superior in quality, the new addition of sharing playlists will allow teachers and students to share curated playlists with each other, colleagues, and peers, and the long-awaited addition of video recordings for assessment is nearly here with the addition of the Upbeat Music App technology, a music collaboration tool that allows musicians to record and generate virtual performance videos, as well as rehearse remotely in real-time. Stay tuned!

Continue to Power Your Creativity with SmartMusic tools like Compose, where you can create, edit, import, and share custom music notation projects. Content from Compose can easily be assigned to students and opened in the Practice app with full SmartMusic accompaniment for assessment. With SmartMusic’s Sharing feature, you can send your music privately to individual recipients or publicly with a sharing link.

Did you know that you can generate an infinite number of sight-reading exercises customized for each of your students’ specific needs? You can choose from ten predefined difficulty levels, or individually specify key signatures, time signatures, rhythmic patterns, ranges, and other parameters. Power Your Sight Reading by assigning Sight Reading Builder content and SmartMusic will generate a new exercise each time a student loads that assignment. And now you can also share them! With the launch of the new Playlist sharing feature comes the ability to also share Sight Reading Builder content through a sharing link. This means that teachers can share custom sight-reading exercises as individual outlines or through Playlists—skipping the assignment process altogether. 

Power Your Rehearsals with access to every title in our catalog of interactive and digital sheet music, the professional accompaniment recordings that set the industry standard, and the Print add-on, which allows you to print thousands of individual parts directly from the repertoire library, ensuring that there’s a practice solution in place for every educational setting and setup. 

With all that SmartMusic has been, is, and will be in the future, we are here to help Power Your Potential, in all that you do.

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Video Recordings for Assignments

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