Harry Potter Winning House

And the winning Hogwarts House is…

Congratulations to Gryffindor for winning the House Pride Cup!

  • Gryffindor with 48% of the plays
  • Ravenclaw with 22% of the plays
  • Hufflepuff with 16% of the plays
  • Slytherin with 14% of the plays

Though Gryffindor takes home the win, we saw all the studious Ravenclaws practicing the titles they opened an average of at least 12% more than any other house! Thanks to all who participated, and stay tuned for more challenges!

Pick your Hogwarts house

Select the Hogwarts house you wish you could be in! Are you courageous, wise, loyal, or cunning?

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Engagement tips for classrooms

The official House battle is over, but you can still have fun with your class! Assign the music to your students and designate it as a video assignment by clicking on the “allow video recording” toggle. Students can dress up as their favorite character or in their house colors! Here are other suggestions for using this competition with your ensemble:

  • Have the students vote for their favorite house.
  • Use the music as sight-reading exercises in class.
  • Assign the music as an Ungraded assigment, skipping the rubric page and assigning it quickly.

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Harry Potter in the classroom

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  • Engaging practice tools provide immediate feedback on students’ individual performances through an assessment of note pitch, rhythm, and duration.
  • Students can play along with accompaniments to learn their part in context. The built-in metronome, tuner, looping tools, and fingerings are all available to aid student progress.
  • Use MakeMusic Cloud’s powerful assignment and assessment tools to get feedback on student performance to track and improve.
  • Practice Analytics and Gradebook functionality make it easy to follow student progress.

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