Getting Kids to Efficiently Learn Marching Band Music

learn marching band music

Marching band season is almost upon us. That means there’s a lot of music to learn, and MakeMusic Cloud can help. Sending your students an assignment to learn a new piece means you spend less of your together time learning notes and rhythms, and more time taking the music further.

Great candidates for MakeMusic Cloud assignments include:

  • Hard music – send students the trickiest bits of music you’ll perform at marching contests
  • Stand music – quickly learn the pop tune you’ll play in the stands or for the dance team
  • Fight song – make it easy for freshmen to have it ready at the first practice
  • Warm ups – easily get everyone on the same page

If it’s clear that having this music in MakeMusic Cloud is a great benefit, all that’s left is learning how to get it there.

Upload Music

Do you own music notation software? If so, and you have files of the music your students need to learn, you’re set. Nearly every modern music notation software allows you to export MusicXML files, which can be uploaded directly into MakeMusic Cloud.

Learn how to upload existing music into MakeMusic Cloud.

Create Music with Finale

If the music your students need to learn doesn’t exist yet, and you own Finale, you’re also good to go. Create the music in Finale, and export MusicXML as described above, or use Finale v27’s new Music Sharing feature!

Don’t own Finale, but wish you did? You can try Finale for free.

Create Music without Finale

If you don’t own Finale, and need to create music, try using Compose. Compose is a free web-based music notation tool in the MakeMusic Cloud platform that enables you to import, edit, create, assign, and share your own music. Any files you create can easily be shared or assigned.

You can try Compose, upload your own marching band music, and use all of MakeMusic Cloud’s features free for 30 days. Sign up for a Free Trial today.

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