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SmartMusic is your partner in and out of the classroom with our standard included features of Assignment Creation, Gradebook, Sight Reading Builder, and Compose Tool. Upgraded plans even have the option to print from thousands of our titles in the content library. Make sure to review and bookmark the free (and recently updated!) Educator Toolkit and Academy which are both full of helpful content to support music education and the use of our tools. 

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New Navigation to Simplify Workflow

Have you seen our new, intuitive, navigation? We made a few changes based on your feedback and have moved the navigation to the left-hand side so that you can quickly move throughout the platform. You’ll still see all of the tools that are important to you like Compose, Sight Reading Builder, and My Library as well as SmartMusic. 

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A Music Catalog that Sets the Industry Standard

Our Music Catalog is both expansive and extremely relevant for education settings. Hundreds of our titles appear on state adjudication lists, and thousands of them are of festival quality. We have over 200 method books, a wide range of solos, and a robust selection of pop music. It’s a no-brainer—we have a content library to fit every need and are constantly making updates! Make sure to check out our new PerformancePlus+ series which features additional, supportive teaching tools! Access to our full Music Catalog is available with a SmartMusic subscription. 

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Play with the Pros (more than just MIDI!) 

Our accompaniment allows you and your students to have more lifelike practice experiences alongside our professional recordings. Performers can really hear their part within the ensemble and better prepare for rehearsals and performances! 

SMART Practice and Assessment ALWAYS Included

Our Practice tool is unlike any other. This in-house built system features an algorithm that gives instant feedback to performers on note, pitch, rhythm, and duration. With just a few clicks, performers can adjust the metronome, check a fingering, or use the built in tuner…all inside our web app! Assessment in the Practice tool is a standard feature available on ALL of our interactive titles at no additional cost! 

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SmartMusic for Free?!

Did you know that you can create a free SmartMusic account that never expires? Our Music Catalog has over 70 FREE titles which includes the entire bestselling Sound Innovations Book 1 for band and orchestra! Both teachers and students can create free accounts and gain access to classes, assignments, the Compose tool, along with the free titles from our Music Catalog. As with any other level of account, you can also ALWAYS upload your own music to use and share on the platform. 

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Always Improving and Adding Features

Check out our new Single Sign-On feature available now for Google Classroom, Canvas, and Schoology. This new feature will really help you to streamline your beginning of the year SmartMusic classroom set up! Eager for additional LMS integrations? Stay tuned for more announcements very soon! 

We are excited to help Power Your School Year with MakeMusic’s incredible music education tools! We hope you enjoy this back to school message from Composer, and Director of MakeMusic Publications and Digital Education for Alfred/MakeMusic, Brian Balmages:

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