Using MusicProfessor Video Lessons with Students

Using MusicProfessor Video Lessons

The MakeMusic Cloud Video lessons library is full of MusicProfessor Level 1 videos (for winds, strings, and percussion). MusicProfessor video lessons are professionally recorded, sequential, bite-sized lessons taught by master pedagogues on each included instrument. Since these video lessons are instrument specific and do not follow the same curriculum, they are perfect supplements to your regular instrumental music curriculum. Many of the series also include a companion PDF that can be used alongside the videos and as a standalone resource! 

The MakeMusic Cloud Video lessons library, which includes Level 1 MusicProfessor video lessons, is available to all paid MakeMusic Cloud accounts at no additional cost! 

New Student? No Problem! 

Share the links of appropriate MusicProfessor video lessons with a new student who has moved in to help them catch up to the rest of the class with some guided instruction. Also consider using these videos as lesson extensions for students who move in and may be ahead of the rest of the group. 

Sharing links to these video lessons is easy! Use the Copy link button to save the link to your clipboard. From there, share via your LMS, email, class messaging system, or any other way you typically share links with students. 

Simple Scaffolding 

Students all need varying amounts of review and repetition. Use MusicProfessor video lessons as an additional review tactic. Sometimes, hearing the same concept in a new way can really make a huge difference! 

The Video lessons in MakeMusic Cloud are mobile compatible—students can easily watch these videos on their personal devices! 

Lesson Extension

Use these MusicProfessor video lessons to extend your lessons in an individualized way for each of your students. After identifying opportunities for growth and extension with individual students or even with small groups of students, share an appropriate video with them to work through on their own, or even in a small student-led sectional group. 

Improve Personal Instrument Pedagogy 

The MusicProfessor video lessons included with all paid MakeMusic Cloud subscriptions offer music educators a unique opportunity to learn techniques from other incredible pedagogues. You can use these videos yourself as an educator to polish up skills on a secondary instrument or to add techniques, exercises, and ways to rephrase concepts to your own personal teaching toolkit. The opportunity to observe and learn from master teachers has never been more accessible!

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