Weekly Highlights Emails: Strengthen the Connection Between Home and the Music Classroom

Weekly Highlights Emails

We know that supported student musicians can more easily become lifelong lovers of music and the arts. The supporting adults in a child’s life very often want to help, but do not always feel equipped to assist with music education, especially if they don’t play an instrument or read music themselves. Teachers: you are so busy. You have a lot of tasks on your plate well beyond just teaching music. While it would be ideal to send frequent personalized communication about each of your students, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. 

MakeMusic Cloud’s Weekly Highlights Emails feature opens a new line of communication about a child’s musical progress to their supporting parent or guardian. 

Supporting adults who enroll to receive their child’s Weekly Highlights Email will receive a few helpful messages about encouraging their child musically, tips on how to assist their child with MakeMusic Cloud, and will be reminded of how important their presence is in their child’s musical journey. Additionally, each week they will receive a personalized Highlights Email to give them insights into the music their child is playing, how much they are practicing, what assignments are upcoming, and more! 

These Weekly Highlights emails are intended to be conversation starters for parents and guardians to use in supporting their child’s music education. We hope to empower parents and guardians to play a bigger role in their child’s musical journey which will, in turn, support busy music educators.

It’s easy to invite parents and guardians to receive helpful weekly highlights emails! 

To get started, teachers can invite parents and guardians to receive weekly highlights for their child. On the new Manage Parent Emails page, teachers will be prompted to add a parent or guardian email address for each student enrolled in their MakeMusic Cloud class. Teachers can add addresses manually or via a CSV upload, and, up to 6 addresses can be added for each student! 

Teachers can begin the invitation process from their Class Details page (the same place you would visit to add students to your class):

Alternately, teachers can visit their Admin Classroom page (requires the user to be logged in) and select the new Invite parents icon next to the class of their choosing to further streamline the process.

Once a parent/guardian has been invited, teachers can see their invitation status and even resend the invitation if needed. Parents/guardians must accept the invitation to be enrolled in their child’s personalized Weekly Highlights Email. 

TIP: To get a better parent/guardian “subscribe” rate, we recommend personally notifying the parents/guardians in your class before you send the invites. Giving the parents/guardians this notice that you’ll be sending them an invite to subscribe to their child’s weekly progress reports will make it more likely that they see and open the invite email.

After entering the parent/guardian email addresses into MakeMusic Cloud, teachers can gain a little time back and let us automate weekly progress updates for you!

Weekly Highlights Emails graphic

We’re excited to connect music educators, students, and now supporting adults with this new feature! 

Learn more details about how this feature works in this knowledge base article.

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