Composition Lessons & Assignments

Some of your favorite composers are your substitute teachers! Lessons include listening assignments, a video with the composer, and a composition assignment.

Rhythm & Meter with Chris Bernotas

Explore how different time signatures and rhythms can influence composing a new piece of music. Learn the concepts used in Pony Express, Ablaze and Festival Fanfare and March, then work on creating your own music!

Some Notes on Melody with Vince Gassi

Your students will learn about melody construction through guided listening examples and a composition assignment. Both you and your students will fall in love with this great resource!

Style & Articulation with Katie O’Hara LaBrie

Using Sky Suite as a guide, your students will learn the art of arranging with the use of different articulations and styles on a traditional folk song.

Modes & Scales with Dr. Scott Watson

Learn to create a story with the use of scales and modes by diving into Terracotta Warriors and Night Journey and becoming a story-teller.

Phrasing & Balance with Mike Kamuf

Studying two different types of pieces, learn the importance of melody through phrasing, and applying balance using different techniques.

Arranging Made Easy with Jim Palmer

It is time to arrange YOURSELF and learn the techniques of arranging a piece. Using Down by the Salley Gardens as an example, your students will try their hand at arranging Sourwood Mountain.

To get the most out of the assignments above, you will need access to the MakeMusic Cloud (SmartMusic) catalog and the Compose tool in MakeMusic Cloud. Sign-up for free today!